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Suspicious Body of 4 year old girl found dead,was murdered says punjagutta police

Hyderabad: The death of a four-year-old girl, whose body was found on the roadside near Vengalrao Park on Thursday, is turning out to be quite suspicious, with the police on Sunday altering the case to that of murder and stating that the child was physically assaulted and had internal injuries.
According to the Punjagutta police, footage from cctv cameras in the surroundings also showed an unknown woman carrying the body of the child and abandoning it at the spot, from where it was found later.

“Doctors who conducted autopsy on the child’s body opined that she was physically assaulted. She had internal injuries and impressions in her stomach, abdomen and back. Based on the autopsy report and preliminary enquiry, the case was altered to that of murder,” Punjagutta Inspector M Niranjan Reddy said.
Officials, who had alerted all police stations across the State regarding child missing cases, said the appearance and other details of the child had not yet found to be matching with any of the missing cases. On the other hand, efforts are on to identify the mysterious woman, who is doubtful to be either the mother or a close relative of the child.

“We are yet to identify the woman and the child. Once either of the two is identified, we will be able to get further details. If the woman is caught, we would know the reason for murder as well,” the Inspector said.
The child was found dead on Thursday, with local residents who first saw the body alerting the police. The Punjagutta police had earlier registered a case of suspicious death, which has now been altered to that of murder.

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