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Hyderabad 90 Flood Victims Test COVID-19 Positive in Relief Camps.

In the GHMC rain relief camps the people have tested Covid Positive said by Dicrector of Public Health, Dr. Srinivas Rao whereas 3,406 people have been tested after showing symptoms of COVID.

Director of Public Health, Dr. Srinivas Rao said “To prevent the spread of COVID in relief camps, the tests are being conducted for everyone with symptoms.  So far 3406 people with symptoms have undergone corona tests and 90 of them have been diagnosed as positive.  They were admitted to a designated hospital”.

In GHMC 585 Medical Camps have been conducted due to the heavy rains and 50 mobile camps have been conducted by 104 vehicles. Till now 38,516 people have been medically tested and given medicines through these camps.And around 30,367 masks have been provided and 2,795 citizens were provided with sanitisers.

On Monday  Etala Rajender The Health Minister of Telangana said there are more chances for the spread of seasonal diseases due to amid heavy rains across the state. There is in an increase in people suffering from colds and the characteristics are likely similar to those of COVID-19.

Health workers are combatting in rural areas, especially in the town of Hyderabad. Those with seasonal diseases should be careful and should not spread to others.  ORS packets and chlorination tablets are being delivered to households in flood-affected areas as there is a possibility of further spread of diseases through contaminated water,” said Health Minister.

People are lured to make full use of them as corona tests are available in all government hospitals.

By Journalist Natalia Moses


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