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Omicron Positive Man Fled from Hotel in Karnataka

Bengaluru : A 66-year-old national from South Africa found to be Omicron-infected “fled”, the Karnataka minister said. Around 57 others who arrived around the same time will also be tested, even though they all produced negative RT-PCR tests on arrival. The 10 people labelled “missing” have switched off their phones and cannot be contacted.

“All will now be tested because one of them tested positive for Omicron even after showing a negative Covid test,” said the minister.The man had arrived on November 20 from South Africa and left for Dubai Seven Days Later

“We’ve lodged a complaint with the police and they will see what went wrong at the Shangri-La hotel, from where the person escaped,” said .

The man, fully vaccinated, checked into the hotel the day he arrived and was found to be positive for COVID-19. He had arrived with a negative Covid test report.When a government doctor visited him at the hotel, he was found to be asymptomatic and was advised to self-isolate.

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