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Covid-19 vaccine certificate mandatory for entry into pubs says hyderabad police.

Hyderabad: The City Police has advised the managements of three star and above hotels, clubs and pubs to ensure that nobody is permitted without production of either electronic or physical certificate of both doses of vaccination for New Year celebrations.
In the guidelines issued here on Wednesday, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, CV Anand said the organizers and managements should also ensure that no person without mask is allowed in the venue and also ensure that IT thermometers/thermal scanners are arranged at the entry point to scan persons entering the venues.

The organizers were also asked to personally ensure that the tickets, passes or coupons are not issued in excess of the capacity which violates Covid protocols and social distancing. “As per the GO. No. 82, a fine of Rs. 1,000 for not wearing of mask by people in public spaces will be imposed,” Anand said.
further instructed the organizers to engage more staff and stewards at the higher-risk areas and all the staff and organizers, present at venue should be tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 48 hours.

The Hyderabad Commissioner said the organizers shall provide surgical masks to all the persons at the venue and provide sanitizers/hand-rub of prescribed norms and specifications. Also proper Covid appropriate hygiene shall be ensured for all the edible items and cutlery etc.

“The conditions are subject to Covid-19 pandemic rules and protocols in vogue and as per the Disaster Management Act – 2005 or which may be announced subsequently i.e., in force as on that date,” the Commissioner said. The managements have to obtain permission from the Commissioner of Police for grant of temporary amusement license.

Guidelines issued by Hyderabad police for New Year celebrations:

Law and Order conditions:

  • DJ not allowed in outdoor events.
  • Noise levels should be below 45 decibels.
  • Separate space earmarked for the orchestra singers.
  • No obscene dressing or obscene dances should be allowed.
  • Management responsible for preventing use of drugs and psychotropic substances by participants during the event or in the premises.
  • Surveillance cameras should be installed covering all entry / exit points.
  • Should not serve liquor beyond the hours permitted by Excise department
  • No minors to be permitted in programmes organized for couples.
  • No live band in bars & restaurants.
    Traffic Conditions:
  • Ensure parking of all vehicles inside the premises of establishment.
  • Adequate number of security guards for systematic parking
  • Separate gates for entry and for exit.
  • Arrangements to provide drivers/cabs to customers who are in drunken state to reach their destinations safely
  • Concept of “designated driver for a day” who can safely take home co-passengers without himself/herself indulging in drinking beyond limit to be explained to customers.

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