Hyderabad National Telangana

People in Hyderabad welcomed new year with a bang.

Hyderabad: Leaving behind 2021, Hyderabadis welcomed the New Year in a bombastic manner.
The celebrations and revelries that starred on Friday evening to usher in the new year continued past mid-night and went on till early hours.

On Saturday morning, many people were seen making a beeline for the temples, which were beautifully decorated for the celebration. Many big temples even organised an early morning homam and pooja for the devotees, who visited the holy places in large numbers seeking the blessings for a good year. The streets were also buzzing with activity, with people stepping out to buy pooja items for their home. The churches also hosted mass and special prayers on the occasion.
Many families were seen visiting the malls and catching up on the new releases in the theatres. The restaurants, cafes and eateries in the city were also decked up to welcome the guests on the occasion. Most places promised to ensure all the Covid norms were in place for the visitors. At many places, people did not forget to maintain physical distance and wear a mask while celebrating the start of a new year.

With the lingering fear of the third wave of coronavirus, as the number of Omicron cases increase in the country, many families also chose to welcome the new year at home with their family and friends.

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