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AP IT Minister Goutam Reddy Died due to Cardiac Arrest.

Hyderabad : The Unpredictability of life Last week, Andhra Pradesh IT and Industries minister Mekapati Goutham addressed members of Telugu diaspora at an investment meet in Dubai. Today morning, the 50 year old died of cardiac arrest. He was a fitness enthusiast & in good health. But recently recovered from COVID19
Instances of seemingly healthy individuals succumbing to heart attacks post covid is on rise.

media note issued by Apollo Hospital on Monday morning said the 50-year-old AP Minister was rushed to Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, in emergency situation in the morning.

“He had collapsed suddenly at home. He arrived into our ER at 07:45am and was unresponsive, not breathing and in cardiac arrest on arrival,” as per a note issued by the hospital’s management.

Immediate CPR was performed on him, and advanced cardiac life support was provided in the emergency department. The emergency medicine team and specialists including cardiologists and critical care doctors have attended to him.

“CPR was done for more than 90mins. Despite our best efforts he could not be revived. He was declared to have died at 9:16am today morning,” as per the note. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter

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