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CAT Directs to take State to take IPS Officer Abhishek Mohanty into State Service with in Two Weeks.

Hyderabad : The Central Administration Tribunal (CAT), Hyderabad Bench on Friday directed the Chief Secretary to take IPS Officer Abhisek Mohanty into State service within two weeks from the date of the issue of orders. 

The bench reminded Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar that he himself was continuing in Telangana with the help of CAT orders and warned him that it can review that order and send him back to Andhra Pradesh if he does not comply with its orders.

The bench comprising Ashish Kalia and BV Sudhakar cautioned the CS that if he failed to implement the order, consequences would follow.

Before issuing the directions on Friday, chief secretary Somesh Kumar faced the wrath of the CAT bench, to the extent of issuing an Warning that he would be sent behind the bars over the way he ignored the summons issued on him in the contempt case — for not implementing its previous orders to induct Abhishek Mohanty into the state service.

Nearly eight months back, the CAT passed an order in favour of Mohanty, but the Telangana Government ignored the order, whereas AP had relieved him from its service.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar appeared before the court and said that he had written to the Centre about the tussle because the latter was the cadre controlling authority. The bench made it clear that the Chief Secretary has to comply with the order within two weeks and adjourned the plea for two weeks.

Abhishek Mohanty IPS is the Son of Ajith Kumar Mohanty Retired IPS officer and Brother of Avinash Mohanty IPS Hyderabad City Police Jt Commisioner (Admin)

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