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A 23 YO Unemployee Engineer Died of Drugs Overdose in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad :

A 23-year-old Unemployeed Engineer in Hyderabad Died of Drugs Overdose . An addicted Youth, who used to procure variety of drugs, including ecstasy pills, LSD blots and hashish oil. After taking a cocktail of all the drugs, he fell seriously ill and breathed his last recently.  

The youth was admitted to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) on March 19. Initially, the doctors could not identify the problem, but later his friends informed the doctors that he had been using LSD and cannabis, police said. According to doctors, the youth’s organs had stopped functioning normally, and he died of a brain stroke caused due to drug overdose.
The peddler procured all the requirements through Amazon, India Mart and laboratory shops and started processing the drug, subsequently, he extracted the DMT (Dimethyl Tryptamine)/Changa at his residence at Kondapur,‘’ said DS Chauhan, Add CP (L&O) Hyderabad.

Police seized six LSD blots, 10 Ecstasy pills and 100 grams of Hash oil from the possession of the accused.

The deceased youth used to procure drugs from Goa, which he not only used to consume but supply to others as well. Recently he went to Goa and took a cocktail of drugs as an experiment but it went awry and he fell ill. He suffered a stroke on account of sclerosis and did not respond to medicines administered on him by the doctors.

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