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CJI NV Ramana Says Need to Modernise Police System.

New Delhi : Chief Justice of India N V Ramana says people hesitate to approach police in times of despair as its image is tarnished due to corruption, excesses, lack of impartiality and close nexus with political class

CJI Further Says police should work impartially and focus in crime prevention . They should work in cooperation with public to ensure law and order prevails. Judiciary’ used to be flooded with requests to transfer to CBI, due to faith in their impartiality

but with passage of time CBI has also come into deep public scrutiny. Its action and inaction has raised questions.Need of hour is to reclaim social legitimacy and public trust. First step is to break nexus with political and executive. Institution is as good or bad as their leadership, a few officers can bring a change.

The issues that are a problem include, Lack of infrastructure, manpower, modern equipment, questionable means of procuring evidence, change in priorities with change in political executive, repeated transfer of officers. These issues often lead to acquittal of guilty and incarceration of innocent. Courts can’t monitor every step.
Its an officially acknowledged fact that there’s need to modernise the police system, without such reform the police stand to appear out of date Says CJI NV Ramana.

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