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Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill Passed in Loksabha by Voice Note on Monday.

Hyderabad : The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill was passed by voice vote in the Lok Sabha on Monday which enables investigating officers to collect the biometric detail of prisoners. The Bill proposes to allow Police to collect finger impressions, palm prints impressions, footprint impressions, photographs, iris and retina scan.

It also proposes collection of behavioural attributes including signatures, handwriting or any other examination referred under Section 53 or Section 53A of CrPC.

Under the present rule, the investigation officer are Enable to take finger and footprint impressions of a limited category of convicts and non-convicted person.

During the discussion today, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that new techniques are essential to tackle new-generation crimes. Home Minister said that the provisions will be used only in the cases of heinous crimes and corresponding clarifications will follow in the Rules

The government clarified that such persons, who are not convicted or arrested for crime against women or children or those who are in custody for an offence punishable with imprisonment for a period less than seven years, can deny permission to give their biological samples.

The government’s intention to bring the Bill is to strengthen the law and order and internal security of the country, Home Minister Amit Shah said in the House, asserting that concerns over human and personal rights have been taken care of in the draft legislation. “A lot of the concerns will be addressed with the sending of that prison manual. It has various provisions relating to subjects such as rehabilitation of prisoners, making them part of the mainstream again, limiting the rights of jail officials, maintaining discipline, security of jails, separate jails for women and open jails,” Shah said.

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