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Telangana Budget 2023 Here is all Details Report

Hydeabad : Telangana Finance Minister T Harish Rao Monday presented the state budget for the 2023-24 financial year, proposing a total outlay of Rs 2,90,396 crore, which is Rs 34,000 crore more than the 2.56 lakh crore outlay proposed in the previous budget.He proposed a revenue expenditure of Rs 2,11,685 crore and a capital expenditure of Rs 37,525 crore.

The State government gave priority to infrastructure development and public welfare in the latest budget. A total of Rs 2,500 crore were allotted to maintenance of Roads and Buildings roads and Rs 2,000 crore for maintenance of Panchayat Raj roads. Around Rs 1,000 crore have been set aside towards new recruitments in different government departments.

For the State government’s flagship programme of Dalit Bandhu, Harish Rao sanctioned Rs 12,980 crore to ensure benefit for 1,100 beneficiaries per each of the 118 constituencies in the State this year. Around Rs 7,890 crore have been allocated for construction of double bedroom houses for the benefit of 2,000 eligible persons per each of 119 constituencies in the State. Another 25,000 houses will be allotted at the discretion of the Chief Minister.Further, the Finance Minister stated that for effective implementation of Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi schemes in the State, the State government will release the State’s matching share along with the Finance Commission grants directly to the bank accounts of the local bodies. A total of Rs 3,360 crore for Palle Pragathi and another Rs 1,474 crore for Pattan Pragathi, have been sanctioned.Telangana state Finance Minister T Harish Rao presented  the state budget 2023-24 on Monday.With the Assembly elections in Telangana scheduled later in the year, this is also the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government’s last budget in its current tenure.

The finance minister announced the state budget for the financial year 2023-24 to be Rs 2,90,396 crores. ₹2,200 crore proposed for the welfare of minorities Finance Minister harish rao says Telangana Government treats all religions equally. Without discrimination to any section of the society, the benefits of government programmes are made available to all. Before State formation, previous governments were not even spending ₹300 crore per annum for the welfare of minorities. Since Telangana formation in June 2014 to January 2023, ₹8,581 crore has been spent by the government for the welfare of minorities.For disbursement of loans by Minorities Welfare Corporation in the current and the ensuing fiscal, ₹270 crore is proposed to be spent. This is an increase of ₹239 crore from previous year’s Budget

₹2,500 crore proposed for maintenance and repair of roads by the Roads and Buildings Department

₹11,372 crore is proposed for Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department

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