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Hyderabad: Behind Owaisi’s ‘anti-Muslim’ branding of Congress candidates

AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday, October 31, attacked the Congress for remarks made by the party’s candidates in the past.

He alleged that the party’s candidate for Sanathnagar, Dr Kota Neelima “wants to use govt money to force Muslim minority women out of burqa/hijab,” and its Nampally candidate Mohammed Feroz Khan has said that “a majority in Nampally are Taiban-style Muslims.”

“…Congress Telangana president is anyway a certified Sanghi. This hatred is dangerous for Telangana’s peaceful atmosphere,” he said in a post on X, targetting A Revanth Reddy for his past association with ABVP, the student wing affiliated with the RSS.

The attack on Congress by the AIMIM chief comes just 30 days ahead of Assembly polls in the state

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