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Will AIMIM emerge as kingmaker after Telangana election results?

Most exit polls predicted that Congress would win the highest number of seats, but the numbers do not rule out the possibility of a hung assembly.

Exit poll results in Telangana

Ahead of the Telangana election results, four out of six exit polls hinted at the possibility of a hung assembly. Following are the results from various exit polls in Telangana.

ABP News-C Voter38-5449-655-135-9
India TV-CNX31-4763-792-45-7
Jan ki Baat40-5548-647-134-7
Republic TV-Matrize46-5658-684-95-7
Times Now-ETG37-4560-706-85-7
TV 9 Bharatvarsh – Potstrat48-5849-595-106-8

How can AIMIM play the kingmaker role?

Exit polls suggest that AIMIM is expected to win 4-9 seats ahead of the Telangana election results. In the event that BRS falls short of the magic number, which is 60, AIMIM may extend support, given their existing friendly alliance.

If both BRS and Congress fail to reach the magic number, AIMIM will emerge as the kingmaker.

However, exit polls are only indicative, and blind belief in them is not advisable.

The Telangana assembly election results scheduled for the release on December 03,will on determine which party forms the government on the state.

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