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Hyderabad:Mother in Law Killed Son in Law, both was in illegal Relationship.

Hyderabad : A 38-year-old mother in Law , who was reportedly having an illicit Affair with her son-in-law, Killed the 32-year-old man by Stabbing to death in his sleep at Ramanthapur. The incident happened on Tuesday and it came to light on Thursday after the woman surrendered before the police.

Police said she developed an illegal relationship with the man and with an intention to continue it, she solemnised her elder daughters marriage with him in November 2019.

The woman’s daughter committed suicide recently after she got to know that her mother was having Extra maritial Affair with her husband. According to Police the 38 Year old woman, who was working for a caterer, Came to the Uppal police station and surrendered on Thursday.

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