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How AI helped Congress during Telangana election campaign

Hyderabad: In the recently concluded Telangana elections, Congress extensively used artificial intelligence (AI). The technology was employed not only to create the popular ‘Maarpu Kavali Congress Ravali’ song but also to predict voters’ choices.

Quoting party sources, DC reported that Congress, using prediction models based on AI, analyzed the probability of voters being influenced by candidates, slogans, etc.

Congress relied on AI whereas BRS on conventional campaigns in Telangana elections

During the election campaign in Telangana, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) mostly relied on a conventional approach of holding rallies and public meetings with less focus on social media and digital marketing.

On the other hand, Congress focused heavily on technology, digital marketing, etc. The party relied on AI to analyze the impact of digital marketing. For campaign management as well, Congress relied on AI.

Revanth set to become Telangana chief minister

Now, Congress, having used AI during the election campaign and winning 64 seats in the Telangana assembly, is set to form the government in the state.

Yesterday, the party declared that Revanth Reddy is going to be the next Chief Minister of the state. He will take the oath tomorrow along with a few ministers.

Arrangements are in full swing for the swearing-in ceremony at L.B. Stadium in Hyderabad.

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