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Four Members of Same Family Died due to Corona with in 10 Days.

Hyderabad : Four members in a lawyer ‘s family in Vijayawada were reportedly killed within 10 days. The incident caused a Panicked in locally and proved that Covid is very Much Present and can be proof fatal if care is not taken in the case of the Corona .

The mother of a prominent lawyer from Vijayawada died on October then lawyer’s wife died on October 30. The lawyer also Succumbed to Covid while his wife Funeral was Conducting . All three of them died of coronavirus heart disease. The lawyer’s son, who was suffering from corona at the time, died Sunday while Undergoing Treatment at a hospital. Relatives and friends are in Deep shocked and weeping as four members of the same family die in a span of a 10 days.

Meanwhile State health authorities released their Covid19 bulletin here on Friday reporting that from among the 84,401 samples tested, 2,886 individuals have been found infected with the virus. Out of a total 79,46,860 samples tested so far in the state, 7,88,375 patients have been discharged after recovery, while 25,514 patients are active with the virus.

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