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Cockroach found in biryani at famous Hyderabad restaurant

Hyderabad: In yet another incident raising hygiene concerns, a cockroach was found in the biryani served at a famous restaurant in Hyderabad.

The customer who found the insect in the biryani, served at the restaurant located in Jubilee Hills, also captured a video of the incident.

Lizard found in biryani at a Hyderabad restaurant

In the past few days, several complaints about unhygienic food being served by some restaurants in the city have surfaced on social media.

Recently, it was alleged that a customer found a lizard’s tail in the biryani served to him by a restaurant in Rajendranagar.

Earlier, a customer reportedly found a dead lizard in biryani ordered from a restaurant located at RTC Cross Road.

Hygiene concerns

These incidents raise hygiene concerns at various restaurants located in the city.

Surprisingly, complaints of insects, lizards, and cockroaches in biryani and other dishes are being reported against famous restaurants in Hyderabad.

It indicates that not only roadside stalls and small hotels but also some renowned restaurants lack proper hygiene practices.

Although GHMC is making efforts to ensure all restaurants in the city follow hygiene practices, such complaints still surface.

It remains to be seen how concerned authorities will address the rising number of complaints reported against restaurants in Hyderabad.

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