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Obesity make more complications in covid patients

Hyderabad: Doctors say obesity can increase the complications associated with covid-19, while at least 30% of the complex cases of covid-19 are found in obese patients.

obesity is main reason for many diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, brain stroke and lung it is also complicates things with covid 19.

Experts say, meanwhile, it is front obesity, that is, around the waist area weight and people who are more likely to have severe complications due to covid-19 and younger age are not going to benefit.

Talking about this scenario, Dr. Swami rao, we have seen about 3000 patients and in most of the obese patients the covid was of severe nature where the lung function was severely affected or multiple organ failure There was something wrong. It has been observed that patients on the lean side were less likely to have severe manifestations of the disease. In addition, weight, rather than age, was found to be a factor in the appearance of severity, which means that patients with high BMI also had severe complications, “he said, referring to a recent 34-year covid issue. He said patients weighing 125 kg and dangerously low oxygen saturation level (only 52%), who had to stay on the ventilator for more than a month to save.

Being overweight affects the respiratory system and lung function, which means that obese people have less than normal breathing capacity. Obesity in obese people such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. put them at higher risk of severe covid 19. Dr. Kiran Madala, head of administrative care at Nizamabad Medical College, said poor lung function puts them at risk of numbness and delayed recovery.

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