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Hyderabadi Student Died in Toronto Canada, Accidently Fell from 27th Floor.

Hyderabad : Akhil, a student from Vanasthalipuram accidentally from the 27th floor and died in Toronto Canada. On the morning of the 8th of this month, while talking on the phone on the 27th floor balcony of the building where he was staying, he accidentally fell down .

According to sources, Akhil had gone to Canada for Hotel Management studies. He returned home in March during the Covid pandemic. In October, he Gone back to Canada after Unlock Started in India.

On November 8, he was on the balcony of his flat on the 27th floor when he slipped while talking on mobile. His friends immediately informed his family in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise the funds required for shifting Akhil’s body home. Family Seeks Help from Telangana Government to Repratiate his Body Minister KTR Responded and Assured all the Help.

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