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Failing to Protect Muslim Graveyards Telangana Highcourt Summons Waqfboard CEO.

Hyderabad : the Telangana high court on Tuesday directed Waqf Board chief executive officer to appear before the court on November 16 to explain the reasons for his failure in Protecting the Waqf Properties and Graveyards .

The bench of chief justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and justice B Vijaysen Reddy Wondering why the Properties of Waqf Even Graveyards are not Protected and gave this interim direction while hearing pleas that challenged the inaction of the Waqf authorities in protecting the Muslim graveyards and other Wakf properties.

The bench earlier sought report from the Wakf board on the status of graveyards. The report Presented by the board says that Many graveyards of Muslims were encroached. However the board could ensure FIRs in only five cases despite the fact that Around 86 graveyards were encroached.

The action Taken by the board against the Encroachers is also not being properly recorded and hence no records were available to show how many notices were issued to the encroachers. The Report Says that there are as many as 723 graveyards in GHMC area.

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