Telangana: 1,000 chickens died in Suryapet, samples sent for testing

Hyderabad: On Tuesday, around 1,000 chickens died at a poultry farm in Suryapet. District officials inspected the farm and sent the samples to the Pune lab for testing if bird flu was the cause.
District Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Officer Venu Manohar said that no bird flu has been identified by preliminary examination, however, samples have been sent for testing. He also said that the death of chickens due to various reasons like temperature difference, suffocation or congestion is common.
Special teams have been formed to inspect the poultry farms in the district and educate the poultry farmers about the possible causes of death.

So far no cases of bird flu have been reported in Telangana. However, several incidents related to the hen’s death were revealed, confirming that it was not caused by bird flu.

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