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Experts say bit late for night curfew but fine

Hyderabad: state government’s decision to impose night curfew from Tuesday,doctors and experts think that response was bit late and that too after the intervention of the High Court.

They said that the government should have taken proactive steps when the first report of the outbreak of the second wave began to appear.

The main reason for the spike in covid-19 was that people had given go-by to the health protocol and stopped even using masks.

Despite the number of cases increasing day by day, they still do not realize the impotance social distancing and the proper use of masks.

A senior doctor said that he travels about 12 km a day from his home to the hospital and en-route, he has noticed that more than 20 people eating snacks and sipping tea at every tea stall, but no social distance or not using masks.

The government, which this time successfully enforced the rule of social distances and compulsory masks, blinked resulting in rapid spread of the virus.

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