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Parents sold four Months Baby for one Lakhs, Police rescued Baby.

Hyderabad: Cops rescued a 4 Months old baby who was sold by his parents for Rs one Lakh at Nacharam on Friday. Police have registered a case against Meena and Venkatesh who sold their child due to bad Financial Condition Police has also booked the couple who bought the child, and Janaki, a sanitation worker in GHMC, who made the deal. The baby was send to the child welfare department.

According to Police Meena and Venkatesh had been married for around three years. Meena had delivered two girl children in the past, but they died at a very early stage due to health complications. When she became pregnant again in 2019, the couple feared that it would be a girl child again and they would not be able to raise her due to financial problems.

In earlier this year, the couple through mediator Janaki made an agreement with Rajeshwar, an outsourcing employee in GHMC, and his wife Nageeni and agreed to Hand ovet the child Instantly after the delivery for Rs one lakh Cash. Meena delivered a male child in June 2020. As per the agreement, the baby was handed over to Rajeswhar and Nageeni. Police also found that Meena had Claimed as Nageeni during the delivery at ESI Hospital married for around three years in Nacharam. But, a few days later, Meena and Venkatesh wished to take back their child and approached Janaki, and Couple who bought the baby . Now the couple alleged that they were forced to sign on blank paper and given Rs 40,000.

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