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Hyderabad: The elderly couple were seduced by the COVID-19 vaccine

Hyderabad: An elderly couple in Meerpet was seduced by a nursing student, who injected them with an unknown drug, saying it was the COVID-19 vaccine. After the couple fainted, she stole gold ornaments. However, the police reacted swiftly and took the girl into custody on Sunday and seized the stolen jewelery.
According to the police, Anusha 21, a resident of Meerpet, is being identified as an ANM course in a private medical college.

On Saturday evening, she visited the couple’s house in Lalitha Nagar, Meerpet and consumed unknown chemicals. The couple – K Laxman (80) and his wife Kasturi (70) came to know about the theft after becoming conscious and informed the police. Investigating police arrested the student.

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