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osman Nagar residents out of deep water

Hyderabad: Residents of Osman Nagar breathed a sigh of relief when the flood water was taken out of their homes on Monday. In October, many residents had to leave their homes following heavy rains in Osman Nagar and its surrounding areas. Due to this, many families were rendered homeless and suffered heavy losses.

The entire area was submerged in knee water and residents were struggling to get out of their homes.With no electricity for more than a month or clean drinking water.

residents of each household were requesting help from the authorities.Jalali Municipal Corporation Commissioner GP Kumar told that all efforts are being made to drain the flood-water and ensure a healthy environment in the area.

Currently, we are cleaning all roads and drains, to control the spread of any kind of disease in the area by removing the waste and silt from the surrounding environment, all houses.

The rainwater of about 350 houses eventually escaped from osman Nagar. “We have deputed a 30-member team with 8 vehicles and set up an emergency cell in the affected areas,” he said.

Medical camps were set up in and around Jalapalli municipality in Osman Nagar, Habeeb Colony, Saif Colony, Nabeel Colony, Amreen Colony, Arafat Colony and other flood affected colonies.

A total of 465 houses were affected in Osman Nagar. So far, more than 70% of the houses have been cleaned of water. ‘

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