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Cyberabad police hand over recovered properties worth Rs 1.10 crore

Hyderabad: For the second consecutive month, the Cyberabad Police on Tuesday handed over to owners stolen goods worth around Rs.1.10 crore. The goods were recovered from various property offenders.
The first such ‘Stolen Property Release Mela’ was organized by the Cyberabad Police last month wherein stolen goods valued around Rs.1.50 crore were handed over to owners after recovering the same from property offenders. The goods included those lost by the owners in burglaries, snatching, robberies, attention diversion cases and thefts.

Police teams including the Central Crime Station team, Special Operations Team and the Law and Order police had nabbed the criminals and recovered the property. Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar handed over the goods to the owners during the programme held at his office in Gachibowli. The goods were handed over after following due procedure, including clearance from local courts with the help of judicial officers to avoid inconvenience to the victims.
“Handing over the property is a critical part of the criminal justice system in the country and it must happen seamlessly to the satisfaction of the common citizens who are victims of property crimes. We developed a mechanism of proactive intimation of detection of property offence cases and recovery of the properties,” he said.
The Commissioner appreciated the efforts of all the wings of the Cyberabad Police in detection of cases, apprehension of criminals, and recovery of property and prompt release of property to genuine owners. “This will go a long way in building the confidence of citizens on effectiveness of policing systems. The State Police and Cyberabad Police are committed to serve the people always for their safety,” he added.

The goods valued at Rs.1.10 crore handed over on Tuesday were recovered as part of investigations into 130 cases registered in various police stations.

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