Covid19 National Omicron Telangana

Third Wave Started in Telangana driven by Omicron.

Hyderabad : The third Covid wave driven by the new Omicron variant has started not only in Telangana but across the country, Director of Public Health, Dr G Srinivasa Rao here on Thursday said.Instead of implementing another lockdown it’s better if people strictly follow COVID19 protocols by wearing mask and following social distancing

Like everywhere else in the country, there are clear signs that Omicron community transmission has started in Telangana and we are in the initial phases of the third wave, he said.People of Telangana must learn from the past two Covid waves and take personal precautions accordingly, he said.

There will be a huge spike in Covid infections in the coming weeks and people must take precautions at the earliest, DPH added.Omicron is spreading very fast in Telangana state and there’s no vulnerable category as everyone is vulnerable now Even if a person has slightest symptoms they should immediately get tested says drgsrao Telangana Director of Public Health

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