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Encroachments Around Miralamtank Resulting Floods Inside Zoo.

Hyderabad : Many encroachments surrounding Mir Alam tank has put the Nehru Zoological Park at an More risk of flooding every year, that Forced Zoo officials to shut down the 99-acre animal safari park for days due to the inundation.

Heavy rains that lashed in Hyderabad last month too Alerted the authorities and the rains had put the lives of animals at a more higher risk compared to the previous years as the 40-feet wall near the exit nala collapsed due to the pressure of the water gushing from the tank.

“This year, the impact of flooding was so strong that we had to shift the animals to night shelters after the water was entering into the animal enclosures from the overflowing moats that border the fencing of the enclosures,” sources from the zoo said.

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