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Hyderabad Lockdown: Police Help Trapped Family to Catch Train

Hyderabad: It was the situation for a family stuck on the road in Narayanguda on the way to Kachiguda railway station to catch a train. Luckily for him, two good-natured policemen were passing by, and both stopped and helped.

Two police officers from Narayanguda police station were patrolling while on duty, and found the family stranded on the road in their car near Narayanguda cemetery. Police Mahendra and Venu Gopal noticed that the car broke down on Thursday.they helped to catch the train after their tyre was damaged due to puncture.

The family had to catch the train at 9 o’clock at night. To reach village from Kachiguda railway station. However, the family was trapped due to tyre puncture and needed help.

Seeing the situation, the two officers helped him change the tyres and sent the car back home with family members.who had come to drop them to the station.

At present, the passengers had only 10 minutes to reach the station, so the officials said that they called their detective from the police station, who immediately responded and sent his vehicle.

police officials helped the passengers reach the station in time. The incident will perhaps instill some confidence on the police in the public, given that several instances of police brutality had come to light during the last lockdown.

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