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Covid second wave to end in July, third wave after 6 months: Govt panel

India’s second wave of Covid-19 is expected to decline by July this year. A third wave of the pandemic is expected in about six to eight months. These are the fairly optimistic projections made by the three-member panel of scientists set up by the Department of Science and Technology under the Science Ministry of the Government of India.

“States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Kerala, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Haryana besides Delhi and Goa have already seen their peak,” said Professor Manindra Agarwal from IIT Kanpur, a member of the panel.

According to the model, a third wave is expected in six to eight months. The impact of the same can be cushioned.“It will be localised and many people will not be affected because they will enjoy immunity thanks to vaccination,” Professor Agarwal said. He added that there will not be a third wave till October 2021 at least.

By Journalist Hannan Fatima

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