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Innovation of new surgical device,doctor receives Patent from GOI;Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Senior interventional gastroenterologist from Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Dr Yalaka Rami Reddy has received a patent from Government of India for developing a unique surgical device ‘Composite Polypectomy Snare’, which promises to make colonoscopy process easier.

“There are certain complexities in the existing devices used to snare polyps from inside the colon region in a human body. Such difficulties compelled me to innovate this device which is not just easy to handle, it also reduces the time taken to perform colonoscopy on complicated polyps,” Dr Reddy in a press release said.

The device also will enable doctors to control internal bleeding, which is a complicated affair while using other devices. The device will now undergo the rigours of testing by authorities, and sometime soon it will hopefully be put to commercial use, he said.

This is the second patent won by Dr. Rami Reddy for his product innovations. Earlier, he developed a feeding pipe to provide relief to terminally ill patients suffering from oesophageal cancer. The feeding tube addresses current problems like complete blockage in the oesophagus occurring due to cancers, the press added.

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