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Free Will became “history” and Consciousness became “Artificial Simulation” in the 1990s .

Hyderabad : Free Will became “history” and Consciousness became “Artificial Simulation” in the 1990s when Supercomputer AI “completely reverse engineered human
brain”. World today is a Truman Show.

Human beings are being stealthily converted to biological drones without their
knowledge and consent with Neuroweapons, Super/Quantum Computer AI and
Weaponized EVIL AI Dust.

Tens of millions of human brains all over the world are being remotely read and
programmed to talk, text, email and act, and operated like toys/animals.
WEF’s world famous historian Yuval Noah Harari and CEO Klaus Schwab said,
today we have technology to “MASS HACK humans” without their knowledge,
which became a REALITY a couple of decades ago.

Klaus Schwab WARNED the world, “AI Enslavement of Human Species is Here”. It
already happened behind human species’ backs and I will prove it to the media.
The American deep state spread its tentacles deep inside India for decades.
Abdul Kalam University, Lucknow, Computer Science Department conducted
extensive research and concluded that Targeted Individuals, a euphemism for
mind control victims, concluded that victims are being electronically harassed
with Microwave, Ultrasonic, Laser and Acoustic weapons like Voice to Skull (V2K)
which are categorized as “Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)”.

These psycho-electronic weapons which remotely control the Central Nervous
System are being used on human species for brain manipulation making

There are many educated Indians all over India in different states who are being
persecuted with these dystopian frightening Neuroweapons and AI.
I will describe the evolution of Mind Control Technologies and Artificial
Intelligence starting in 1953 with MKUltra program which later became Global
MkUltra, in a step by step manner.

  • How I became a Targeted Individual aka Mind Control Victim
  • How the criminal perpetrators STALK victims and post secret coded messages
    with embedded responses to victims’ private thoughts
  • How the criminal perpetrators “REMOTELY PROGRAM” other human beings to
    text, email, talk and act with “embedded responses to victims’ private thoughts”
  • How the psychopaths COMMUNICATE with VICTIMS in MULTIPLE MODES
  • How the EVIL AI interacts with human brains and bodies every day
    This is an extremely important issue which deals with the very meaning of
    existence and future of human species.
    Hence, the Indian media has an obligation to learn, investigate, research and
    educate the rest of the Indian and global public about these tyrannical
    Neuroweapons and AI on a war footing so human species can do something now
    to completely stop the evil agenda of the worldwide governments to ENSLAVE the
    entire human species forever with Weaponized EVIL Sentient Artificial.

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